The Oakwood Group hosts Life Skills Villages

Recently, The Oakwood Group was pleased to host staff and clients from Farmington Hills based Life Skills Village.

Life Skills Village is a social rehabilitation and living skills development facility unlike any other.  It’s neuro rehab using a community within the community. A place for the traumatically brain injured to find both challenge and sanctuary. LSV is owned and operated by a staff of clinically-minded people dedicated to rehab that works. The event allowed LSV clients to interact with Oakwood team members and gain career knowledge to help formulate community and job reintegration strategies. The event included a plant tour featuring Oakwood’s many manufacturing processes. Oakwood showcases state-of-the-art metal forming processes used for decorative metal speaker production and also makes head and side impact safety products using a thermoform process. The LSV clients were very engaged and interested during the plant tour and asked some great questions. The clients also “interviewed” several members of Oakwood’s management team about job responsibilities. Lastly, Oakwood Director of Human Resources presented a coaching module relating to job seeking, interviewing and employment skills.