Value of Technical Expertise at The Oakwood Group

One of our core values at The Oakwood Group is to use technical expertise to develop niche products that have demand and generate acceptable profit. This core value is one of the true keys to our success. We target products that are difficult to manufacture and have unique designs intended to solve an unmet customer need.

We are a company that has a great reputation in the marketplace for supply of highly engineered products. It is imperative that we have employees in many departments capable of delivering on this challenging objective. We have highly skilled employees in areas such as Development, Program and Manufacturing Engineering, Maintenance, Process Technician, Tool Design and Building, Machine Design and Building, Product Design, and Software Programming that make us successful in this area and provide a clear advantage over our competition.

Our ability to hire, train and develop capable resources in these critical areas is essential. In addition to a robust internship program in Engineering, we have also added an internship program to our Tooling Services group and will add a similar program to Maintenance this year. We also have a formal development program to enhance the skills of many employees in these departments. These programs help to ensure that we will have capable resources to support growth and continuously improve this core value.