Oakwood LUX Grilles in 80th Anniversary Continental

Lincoln just announced a new limited-run Continental Coach Door Edition with center-opening “suicide” doors reminiscent of the iconic 1961 Continental. This limited-run model for 2019 also ties in with the 80th anniversary of the Continental nameplate, which originated in 1939 as the name for a one-off personal car created for Edsel Ford. The doors open 90 degrees and incorporate a soft-close feature and the same electronic door handles as the standard Continental. 
To create this vehicle, Lincoln partnered with Cabot Coach Builders, which stretched the Continental’s wheelbase six inches, fitted longer doors with hinges in the rear, and added structural reinforcements to ensure that the car meets safety regulations. Inside, the rear seat is rearranged to incorporate two cushy individual chairs, a large center console, and amenities such as tray tables and a tablet holder. Touches commemorating the 80th anniversary include a doorsill plate denoting the car with its series number out of 80 and a plaque for the rear console that’s customizable by the owner. As on the standard Continental Black Label model, owners can choose between beige Chalet or brown Thoroughbred interior upholstery. And, as expected, it features their celebrated 19-speaker, Revel Ultima premium audio system. Our exclusive Lux Series aluminum audio covers adorn this executive class vehicle.

All Continental Coach Door Editions will come as fully loaded Black Label models with all-wheel drive and the same 400-hp twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 that is optional on the standard car. Only eighty examples of the 80th Anniversary Continental Coach Door Edition will be produced for the 2019 model year, with deliveries starting in June.