SafetyPlastic is a Top Performer

The Oakwood Group is focused on developing leading technologies to allow OEMs to manage side impact energy and achieve outstanding performance. When using SafetyPlastic thermoformed energy absorbers, the new requirements of FMVSS214 and the HIS side impact can effectively be managed. SafetyPlastic is a tunable product and its design can allow for multiple densities to be included in the same part. These multiple densities allow for a softer absorber to manage the different crash dummies (SID 2s and ES-2re) and seating locations (forward and rearward) that are used in the new FMVSS214 side impact requirements.

“SafetyPlastic’s design flexibility is proving to be a real plus in helping customers manage the requirement for the same energy absorbing system to perform for all the different impacts:  FMVSS214 oblique pole test, FMVSS214 barrier test, and IIHS barrier test,” according to Matt Gerwolls, sales and engineering director of The Oakwood Group.

Oakwood is currently in commercial production on several car and truck side impact programs and is engaged in development of new projects with GM, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Nissan and other customers.