Eight Years and Counting

Driving a Little Safer Every Day
November 10, 2011
Society of Plastic Engineers Honors The Oakwood Group with Prestigious Industry Award
March 9, 2012
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Eight Years and Counting

At Oakwood we are very excited to receive our eighth consecutive supplier award from Johnson Controls. This award reflects the overall performance of our business, specifically our SafetyPlastic®, metal speaker grilles and badges. We have a diverse set of products that are evaluated in many categories including quality, cost, and delivery performance. We are delighted to prove once again that we are a valued supplier to our Tier 1 and OEM customers. Oakwood has been the leader in expanded metal speaker grilles, overhead and side impact countermeasures. Oakwood is a Michigan-based company and we proudly accept this award along with several others that we have received over the years.

We have developed SafetyPlastic for numerous projects with Johnson Controls over the last eight years that we have been a supplier of SafetyPlastic. This product has changed the overhead and side impact market drastically by creating a competitor to the standard foam products. One of the advantages is our “green” status in the market. Our product is 100% recyclable and is more efficient in packaging, plant floor space and transportation. This has given Johnson Controls the edge and explains why the other Tier 1 companies have followed suit by selecting SafetyPlastic as the number one countermeasure.

As the market leader in metal speaker grilles, whether it be expanded or perforated metal, for over 20 years and the addition of badges and the new SYNC logo, Oakwood has proven itself to be an award winner.

The Oakwood team is very appreciative of the business we have and is grateful to be recognized for our hard work and dedication into the products we supply every day.